Optical Modules

Allied Telesis offers a wide variety of accessories to round out your end-to-end network solution, including converters, expansion and service modules, power supplies, mounting hardware and cabling.

Pluggable Optical Modules

Allied Telesis optics provide fiber and copper connectivity for the full range of Allied Telesis product lines. Pluggable optics allow one product the flexibility to expand by media type (copper or fiber), speed (Fast Ethernet and 1, 10, or 40 Gigabit), and/or distance (220 m to 80 km).

Allied Telesis offers GBIC, SFP, CSFP, XFP, SFP+, and QSFP+ pluggable optics, which comply with industry-standard networking regulations. This compliance allows Allied Telesis pluggable optics to be used on any industry-standard networking equipment.

Expansion Modules

Allied Telesis offers expansion modules for our modular standalone and chassis-based SwitchBlade® switches.

Power over Ethernet

Allied Telesis Power over Ethernet (PoE) accessories connect network powered devices directly to the network cable without the need for a local power source.

PICs and NSMs

Allied Telesis PIC interface modules provide a range of WAN and LAN interface options.

Mounting Hardware

Allied Telesis offers a wide range of mounting and power options for our standalone and bridging media converters to meet your needs.

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