Product Datasheets

Datasheet: AT-IE510-28GSX-80 Switch [Rev B]
Product information for AT-IE510-28GSX-80 Layer 3 Stackable Industrial Gigabit Switch
1.59 MB05 May 2015
Datasheet: x930 Series [Rev C]
Product information for x930 Series Advanced Gigabit Layer 3 Stackable Switches
3.75 MB05 May 2015
How to Configure E1 links
This document provides information about E1 versus T1 links, unstructured versus structured E1, and how to configure these.
05 May 2015
Solutions Guide: Secure Remote Access
Allied Telesis provides secure solutions for companies to connect branch and head offices. Remote workers can also be sure of secure remote access to business resources and information from anywhere, at anytime.
2.35 MB05 May 2015
How the switch chooses routes [Rev B]
This document describes the criteria switches use to select routes. It also gives some examples of these criteria in use.
211.89 KB05 May 2015
How to: How the switch choose routes
This How To Note describes the criteria switches use to select routes. It also gives some examples of these criteria in use.
211.89 KB30 Apr 2015
New and Enhanced Features in AlliedWare Plus Version 5.4.5
This release note describes the new products and new and improved features in AlliedWare Plus version 5.4.5-0.1. It includes details about how to upgrade to the new version.
22.25 MB29 Apr 2015
AT-WR4500 How To Upgrade RouterOS firmware
This document explains how to upgrade RouterOS firmware on the AT-WR4500 Series of Wireless outdoor routers.
930.99 KB28 Apr 2015
An Overview of VPN Solutions in How To Notes
This document lists all the VPN How To Notes, with a brief summary of each Note. Its purpose is to make you aware of all the available solutions and to help you choose the appropriate solution for your network.
141.84 KB28 Apr 2015
How To Configure Hardware Filters on AT-9900, x900-48, and x900-24 Series Switches
This How To Note describes how to create classifers and hardware filters, especially how to use the "inner" VLAN parameters and the layer 4 masks. Then it discusses the extensive filter actions and how many filters you can make.
180.36 KB28 Apr 2015
Use 802.1x Security with AT-WA7400, AT-8624PoE, and Linux's freeRADIUS and Xsupplicant
This document details how to take advantage of 802.1x security to ensure that users who connect to your wireless LAN are authorized first
1.18 MB28 Apr 2015
Power over Ethernet
This document describes PoE technology, and the installation and management advantages that PoE can provide. It also provides configuration and monitoring commands.
280.13 KB28 Apr 2015
Achieve Quality of Service Over a Low-Speed WAN that has a Non-QoS Capable Gateway Device
This document describes how to solve the problem of QoS over a low speed WAN that is not QoS-capable, by using an Allied Telesis router.
649.94 KB28 Apr 2015
How To Get Feature License Keys
This How To Note is designed to help customers familiarize themselves with the feature license system for the AlliedWare Plus™ operating system and includes troubleshooting information.
258.28 KB29 Apr 2015


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