Allied Telesis Solutions Guides

Solutions for LAN Protection

Our industry leading switching technology provides a comprehensive security suite, which uses a multi-layered approach to safeguard the network and combat common threats. This solution document discusses the ways our switches ensure a secure network infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery using VCStack LD™

Allied Telesis VCStack LD provides powerful data-mirroring solutions using long distance stacking.

High Availability IPv6

Allied Telesis offers high-availability solutions across a range of Layer 3 switch products, with a wide choice of Ethernet port combinations and price/ performance options.

Network Access Control (NAC)

Allied Telesis provides advanced edge security for enterprise networks with Network Access Control.

Federal Solutions for Fiber on the Edge

Allied Telesis offers the most complete solutions portfolio to enable IP phones and computers onto a fiber network, including the only solution bringing both Voice and Data through a single Network Interface Card with PoE.

IP Video Surveillance Technical Guide

Allied Telesis Enhanced IP Camera Video Surveillance Solutions.

IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Allied Telesis Enhanced IP Camera Video Surveillance Solutions.

VCStack: Long Distance Stacking

The Allied Telesis VCStack solution now includes long distance stacking. The increased distance provided by fiber stacking connectivity means that members of the virtual chassis do not have to be collocated, but can be kilometres apart.

VCStack: Powerful Simplicity

Allied Telesis VCStack creates a resilient network core for maximum availability. Long distance stacking allows for a truly distributed virtual network core.

Allied Telesis Solutions for Education

Allied Telesis provides secure, intelligent, high performing infrastructure for Education networks.

Healthcare Solutions

Allied Telesis provides secure, intelligent infrastructure for healthcare needs and objectives.

Capitalizing on MDU Services

Allied Telesis offers advanced IP/Ethernet platforms with the right features and functions to enable managed delivery of voice, data and video services in every type of MDU application.

FTTX Solutions Guide

As a global leader in delivering FTTx solutions for service providers, Allied Telesis has the technology and expertise necessary for every type of network and application.

iMAP and iMG Solutions Guide

Combining iMAP and iMG under a single management platform, the AlliedView Network Management System (NMS) takes the risk out of deployment and replaces it with assured performance and quality in a number of ways.


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