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Evolution of Network Security

This White Paper provides a brief overview of how firewalls and related network security systems have evolved over the years, in order to understand the current state of the art in network security, and look to the future to see what will come next.

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10 Reasons to Consolidate Threat Management

This White Paper looks at the downsides of having a network security solution consisting of multiple independent pieces, and offers an alternative solution to network security that avoids these problems.

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Demystifying Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

The simplest way to describe Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is to call it "an approach to networking in which control is decoupled from hardware, and given to a software application called a controller." However, there is a lot more to it than that. This White Paper addresses the simple questions: How did SDN come about? What effect will SDN have on enterprise networking today, and in the future?

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SDN and the Changing Face of Enterprise Networks

Enterprise data networks have evolved rapidly over the last few decades, and are continuing to evolve at a steady pace. Allied Telesis understands how the SDN approach to network control and management can be applied to the today’s enterprise networks.

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Fabric Virtualization Made Simple

Private data centers need simple resilience with high performance. This white paper looks at how Allied Telesis Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack) technology virtualizes the private data center, providing powerful simplicity.

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Simplifying Remote LAN Management

Organizations with constrained resources, but with networks spread over multiple locations, need a better solution for managing those multiple remote networks. In response to the problems we have seen our customers grappling with, we have produced a powerful solution that changes the nature of network management and maintenance.

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Top 14 Best Practices for Building Video Surveillance Networks

Allied Telesis has the equipment, the technology, and the expertise to design and create the very best video surveillance solutions.

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AlliedWare Plus™ Operating System

This white paper describes the characteristics and features of AlliedWare Plus that meet the modern challenges for networking devices, and also explains how and why AlliedWare Plus is so well-positioned for future developments. It provides ample evidence of the effectiveness of the AlliedWare Plus operating system, both right now, and well into the future.

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Distributed Collapsed Backbone

Network backbones come in two broad varieties: “distributed” and “collapsed”. Each of these two designs has its advantages and disadvantages, and some environments are better suited to one design in particular.

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Enabling Voice over IP and Unified Communications

While the move to VoIP and UC may seem like a “silver bullet,” upgrading from traditional telephony can pose organizational and technical challenges.

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Five Reasons to Converge Video Surveillance onto the Corporate IP Network

This white paper looks at how converging video surveillance onto the corporate data network will simplify network administration and lower ICT running costs.

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The Top 3 Network Management Challenges

This white paper looks at how the Allied Telesis Management Framework™ (AMF) provides practical solutions to the challenges that Enterprise Networks are facing right now.

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Seven Reasons to Stack Your Core Chassis

Chassis stacking with Allied Telesis VCStack Plus™ offers the best of both worlds — superior flexibility of speeds and feeds, and simplicity of management leading to lower operating costs.

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Easing the Enterprise Transition to IPv6

The world is moving inexorably from IPv4 to IPv6. Full global accessibility already requires IPv6, and the business opportunities of the near future will be based around IPv6 communications.

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