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Allied Telesis offers a full-range of interoperable products that will help you seamlessly connect your customers with their voice, video and data at an affordable price. Learn more about how we can design a solution focused on your business.

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Allied Telesis managed services deliver a comprehensive suite of high-quality, cost-effective, advanced end-to-end IP-based networking solutions and web-based services to enterprise and service-provider clients worldwide.

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One switch.
Unlimited possibilities.

The SwitchBlade x8112 is a 12-slot Advanced Layer 3+ chassis switch designed as the ideal solution for the modern enterprise network where resiliency, reliability and high performance are the key requirements.

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Our interactive support center is your direct link to answers you need. Search our knowledge base, check support tickets, learn about RMAs and contact Allied Telesis technical experts.

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Connecting the IP world.

For more than 25 years, Allied Telesis has delivered solutions as a world-class leader in IP/Ethernet.

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The Solution : The Network

Healthcare Networks

Advances in voice, video and data networking can make medical professionals faster, more accurate and more patient friendly. Our solutions keep you compliant with privacy regulations and help open up new opportunities for both patient care and broadband ‘to-the-pillow’ services, including audio and Internet services and pay-per-use channels and Video-on-Demand (VoD).

Network Management

It's a complex job to administer a network – it often seems you need to be in two places at once. Rapid trouble resolution and the ability to monitor network performance is critical for your business. Our network management software tools can help you visualize and plan for network growth while maintaining the health and performance of your network.

IP Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance is an integral part of modern security systems, found in premises ranging from airports to shopping malls, corporate buildings to train stations. It proves a great deterrent to malicious behavior and an excellent tool in solving the mystery of past misdemeanors.

Managed Services

Your success in giving your customers the bandwidth and services they need depends upon you having the right network infrastructure. We provide a broad range of high-performance solutions from the edge to the core to help you maximize revenues and address business challenges.

IT Infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure solutions allow you to future proof your network and enable technologies incrementally as your needs expand and budget allows. Prime examples include IPv6, security, wireless, 10Gigabit and PoE to provide power to remote devices.

Secure Access (VPN) Solutions

Today’s business demands for converged Ethernet services are pushing the requirements for Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity in the same direction as Local Area Networks (LANs). Routers must now provide highly secure connections, with guaranteed bandwidth and advanced voice capabilities.
Allied Telesis meets all these needs and more, using VPN, QoS and VoIP technologies. Our range of secure routers is ideally suited to a variety of organizations and businesses - ranging from multi-site enterprises with high-bandwidth and security requirements, to individual teleworkers working remotely over broadband VPNs.
We provide solutions for E1/T1, xDSL, Ethernet, ISDN and Frame Relay, as well as PSTN and leased line connections.

Core Network Solutions

A reliable network core is of paramount importance. Every medium to large business must have a network core that provides both an adequate capacity for current and future traffic requirements, and resilience in the event of failure. Other network requirements include redundant power supplies, expandable modular switches, and data path redundancy.
The latest generation of Allied Telesis switches provide all of this and more - with hot-swappable power supplies, highly granular expansion modules, and superior resiliency through the use of high speed stacking solutions.

LAN Security

It is no longer sufficient to just protect your LAN from external attack with a firewall. Increased mobility and the wide availability of various hacking tools mean that attacks can occur from within the LAN itself - rogue workstations in your LAN can launch a variety of debilitating internal Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Even more damaging are deceptively simple information-stealing attacks, of which Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) spoofing attacks are the most notorious. Allied Telesis switches protect your LAN against internal attack. With our products, you can secure your network, preserving the safety of both your mission-critical applications and your productivity.

Fiber Connectivity

Your success in giving your customers the bandwidth and services they need depends upon you having the right network infrastructure. We provide a broad range of high-performance solutions from the edge to the core to help you maximize revenue and address business challenges.