IP Video Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance is an integral part of modern security systems, found in premises ranging from airports to shopping malls, corporate buildings to train stations. It proves a great deterrent to malicious behavior and an excellent tool in solving the mystery of past misdemeanors.

In this digital world, security has also embraced the advantages of instant access to images stored and retrieved on computers. Allied Telesis offers a diverse portfolio of products, and a suite of features, that can enhance the ability to securely and reliably transport security video footage across an IP network. IPTV surveillance systems generally involve a number of devices — IP cameras, servers, and clients — and involve multicast technology to deliver video streams to every intended recipient.

Following are a variety of reference designs for Allied Telesis-based network solutions that support IP video surveillance. The smaller installations are based on Layer 2 switching technology, while the larger scenarios include options for a Layer 3 routed environment.

The pure Layer 2 approach is preferable in small to medium installations, due to simplified network configuration and maintenance. It does not require a complex multicast architecture involving multicast routing protocols. However in larger systems, it is likely that the video data will be transported in an environment divided into separate IP subnets, in order to enable scalability and provide a network that is both robust and easily managed.

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In this more advanced, technical webinar, you will learn about optimization of small to large IP video surveillance and security networks — ranging from single cameras to covering entire cities.

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