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New and Enhanced Features in AlliedWare Plus 5.4.5 Major and Minor Versions (5.4.5-x.x)
This release note describes the new products and new and improved features in AlliedWare Plus version 5.4.5-0.x and 5.4.5-1.0. It includes details about how to upgrade to a new version.
8.36 MB05 Oct 2015
Command Reference : AT-AR3050S New Generation Firewall Running AlliedWare Plus Version 5.4.5-0.x
This command reference describes all the commands available on the AT-AR3050S New Generation Firewall running AlliedWare Plus Version 5.4.5-0.x.
7.38 MB01 Oct 2015
Datasheet: AT-SP3BD20-13/I and AT-SP3BD20-13/I [Rev A]
Product information for AT-SP3 Series 2.5 Gigabit Small Form Pluggable (SFP) Modules
168.18 KB29 Sep 2015
User's Guide: AT-FS970M Series Command Line Interface
This guide describes the command line interface and procedures for configuring the AT-FS970M Series features.
28 Sep 2015
Installation Guide: FS750 Series
This PDF guide contains an overview of the hardware features, safety statements and the instructions for installing the switch on a desktop, in a standard 19-inch equipment rack, or on a wall.
28 Sep 2015
User Guide: FS750 Series
This guide contains instructions for the FS750 Series Web Interface Management Software.
28 Sep 2015
Datasheet: FS750/28PS
Product information for the FS750-28PS
746.35 KB29 Sep 2015
Datasheet: FS750 Series [Rev A]
Product information for the FS750 Series
375.79 KB24 Sep 2015
Solutions Guide:LAN Client Authentication (Tested Solution) REV C
The key to strong LAN security, and seamless mobility within an Enterprise network, is to Identity and authenticate the user at their point of connection to the network. Allied Telesis switches provide LAN authentication using highly secure certificate-based methods that can ensure that all devices connecting to the network can be authenticated and identified. This solution also shows how to configure a Microsoft Windows 2008 Server as the authentication server.
4.09 MB21 Sep 2015
Success Story: Penola Catholic College
Penola Catholic College in Australia reduces the cost and complexity of its network with an Allied Telesis Management Framework ™(AMF) solution.
1.94 MB16 Sep 2015
Datasheet: AT-SPBD40-13/I and AT-SPBD40-13/I [Rev A]
Product information for AT-SPBD40-13/I and AT-SPBD40-13/I Small Form Pluggable (SFP) Modules
281.65 KB16 Sep 2015
Solutions Guide: Envigilant Education Solutions
Integrated Safety Solutions for Education Facilities
645.41 KB13 Sep 2015
Solutions Guide: Envigilant Large Venue Solutions
Envigilant Integrated Safety Solutions for Large Venues
99.76 KB13 Sep 2015
Solutions Guide: Envigilant Transportation Solutions
Envigilant Integrated Safety Solutions for Transportation Systems
1.25 MB13 Sep 2015


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