Allied Telesis engineers high-performance, high-quality, future-proof products to meet requirements for Enterprise, Campus, Branch and Data Center networks. Allied Telesis SwitchBlade® and xSeries switches, with the AlliedWare Plus operating system, provide scalable and versatile switching solutions for today’s enterprise and service provider networks from end to core. Featuring Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF), these switches decrease network operating expenses by automating and simplifying many day-to-day tasks. Allied Telesis also produces top-of-rack switches for the Data Center market, extended temperature products for industry, and unmanaged and WebSmart switches for Small and Medium Business.

SwitchBlade® Chassis Switches

Allied Telesis chassis-based switches provide high density connectivity through a range of Fast Ethernet, Gigabit and 10 Gigabit connectivity.


Our extensive line of enterprise switches provide high performance and cost-effective solutions for your networking needs. Allied Telesis switches are available in managed, unmanaged and WebSmart models, and are designed with a variety of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet port densities to meet your needs. Our switches are suitable for deployment at all tiers of the network, from the core to the edge. Allied Telesis provides enterprise class switches with PoE, enhanced security features and IPv6 addressing for next-generation networks.

Power over Ethernet

Traditional switches deliver data to their connected devices. Allied Telesis PoE switches add an extra dimension — they also provide power to wireless access points, IP phones and IP security cameras, and other connected devices. All Allied Telesis PoE switches meet the IEEE 802.3af industry standard, which helps to ensure seamless interoperability with other PoE devices.

Find the Right PoE Switch

Our PoE switch matrix can help you choose the right ports and power.

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Stackable Edge

Allied Telesis stackable switches offer chassis-like availability and resiliency, allowing management of the stack as a single, larger virtual switch while providing fast inter-switch connectivity. Stackable switches offer a cost-effective and scalable switching solution for your network.

Industrial Switches

Allied Telesis switching products provide scalable, reliable and affordable solutions for industry.

AlliedWare Plus

Fully Featured Layer 3 Operating System

AlliedWare Plus AlliedWare Plus is the next generation operating system from Allied Telesis. In keeping with the increasing sophistication of feature-rich Allied Telesis software, AlliedWare Plus employs a new modular approach to software creation and distribution. It represents a quantum shift in software development methodology, providing even more features and greater robustness from the operating system.

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Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF)

AMF LogoBased on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) principles, AMF is an embedded technology native to Allied Telesis switches that delivers real and immediate value to businesses.

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