SwitchBlade® x908

Advanced Layer 3 Modular Switch

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High Performance. High Resiliency.

The Allied Telesis SwitchBlade® x908 industry-leading modular switch is the ideal solution for the modern enterprise network core where resiliency, reliability and high performance are the key requirements.

Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack™) provides excellent resiliency by allowing you to create a single "virtual chassis" from two physical devices. VCStack delivers a resilient core at a fraction of the cost of a full chassis-based system, and it allows you to manage the stack as a single node on the network, greatly simplifying your management tasks.

The SwitchBlade x908 was designed with reliability in mind. With dual power supplies, fan modules and a comprehensive range of expansion modules (XEMs), which are all hot-swappable, you can maintain and reconfigure when necessary without affecting network uptime.

High performance makes the SwitchBlade x908 an ideal core or aggregation device. Enjoy low latency and wirespeed L3 routing in a compact 3 rack unit device. When configured as a virtual chassis, the backplane capacity is a best-in-class 160Gbps.

Each chassis of the SwitchBlade x908 supports up to eight high-speed expansion bays, and is also capable of being stacked.


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AlliedWare Plus

Fully Featured Layer 3 Operating System

AlliedWare Plus AlliedWare Plus is the next generation operating system from Allied Telesis. In keeping with the increasing sophistication of feature-rich Allied Telesis software, AlliedWare Plus employs a new modular approach to software creation and distribution. It represents a quantum shift in software development methodology, providing even more features and greater robustness from the operating system.

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Allied Telesis Management Framework (AMF)

AMF LogoBased on Software-Defined Networking (SDN) principles, AMF is an embedded technology native to Allied Telesis switches that delivers real and immediate value to businesses.

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Ethernet Protection Switched Ring (EPSRing)


Allied Telesis EPSRing solutions provide high performance, high reliability, flexible, scalable distributed network cores. The core can be as small or as large as is needed, connected by copper or fiber, or even copper and fiber in the same ring. The core bandwidth can be anything from 100Mbps to multiples of 10Gbps. The recovery time when links or nodes go down is extremely fast — as low as 50 ms, making this solution ideal for the provision of converged voice, video and data services.

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Virtual Chassis Stacking (VCStack)


Using Allied Telesis VCStack™ in a network allows multiple switches to appear as a single virtual chassis. VCStack and link aggregation provide a solution where network resources are spread across the virtual chassis members, ensuring device and path resiliency. Virtualization of the network core ensures uninterrupted access to information when needed.

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